A specialized manufacturer of micromanipulation equipment in Japan. We have unique products as a pioneer of piezo micromanipulators.



"Professional team of micromanipulation"
To satisfy the demands for the micromanipulation, PRIME TECH has not only the PMM-system but also micropipettes, micro-injector and other extensive products in the micromanipulation field.
On the other hand, we have the development technology engineering related investigation also, by ourselves. We were related to the creation of the first somatic cell cloned pig 'Xena' in Japan.
Our each division, the research and development, manufacturing, sales, have the profound attachment and we are proud for the micromanipulation.
We have the handling know-how in our own products, equal with the heavy user.
This brings us up to the next stage.


Nuclear transfer and ICSI using pmm, which we have developed, have revolutionized reproductive and developmental biology.
We will contribute to medical and scientific development by providing pmm and its peripherals.


We are originally researching and developing developmental engineering the micro manipulation in our research facilities "Mini lab".
Our main theme is "Advance for the micro manipulation technology". We improve the micro manipulation technology and the associated new technology.
Especially, various technology and knowledge that relates to the improvement the efficiency in cloning animal (pig) by nuclear transfer are pursued, and, It works to contribute to the improvement of the manipulation environment and the activation of the bioindustry.



We have the research laboratory of independence.
The "MINI Lab." is a laboratory where technical training of Piezo Micro Manipulator also that is not only our academic activity but also our core product is done.
"MINI Lab." is not only an equipment exhibition.
Hands on training is done by using the sample (embryo etc.) here.
If you visit here, the PMM system and the manipulation system can be experienced.