The minilab is a base for research activities and also as a base for user support.


We are supporting your micromanipulation environments.

We have the research laboratory of independence.The "MINI Lab." is a laboratory where technical training of Piezo Micro Manipulator also that is not only our academic activity but also our core product is done.
"MINI Lab." is not only an equipment exhibition.Hands on training is done by using the sample (embryo etc.) here.
If you visit here, the PMM system and the manipulation system can be experienced.

Use cases of MINI LAB

  • Piezo-ICSI training
  • Micromanipulation training for embryologists
  • Basic training of micromanipulation for rookie embologists
  • Practical training for university and graduate students
  • Trial of pmm except for mammalian oocytes and embryo
  • Training for distributors

Notes on using the MINI LAB

  • Necessary time: For about three hours(half a day)
  • One training session can accommodate up to 4 people.
  • Advance reservations are required to use the minilab.
  • Training fee is free. However, if special samples are required, actual costs will be charged.